White Tail Deer Tag Auction

Shiloh Christian School has been awarded a White Tail Deer Tag that may be used anywhere in the state of North Dakota.  A portion of the proceeds will go back to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

This tag may be used to harvest a Whitetail Deer (buck or doe) subject to the unit and seasons specified in the governor's proclamation.  (Any season with the appropriate equipment i.e. may be used during bow season with a bow, gun season with a gun, muzzleloader season with a muzzleloader.)

The auction will run September 22-27, 2019.   Bidding closes at 5 p.m. Friday, September 27.  The winner will be announced at half time of Football game at Miller Field, Shiloh Christian School and on Social Media.

The starting bid is $100.  You may submit a bid sheet that allows us to proxy bid for you up to a designated amount.  Please download the registration form here:  White Tail Deer Bid Submission Sheet

Please contact Shiloh Christian School for information Angela Benson, Director of Development 701-221-2104 ext 103 angela.benson@shilohchristian.org