Academic Excellence on a Christian Foundation teaching students to know, love and serve God~Preschool-12th Grade

The Huntington Family

A thing only lasts, when its original purposes remain intact; steadfast, unwavering. “I truly appreciated my Christian education at Shiloh--and I appreciate my parents' sacrifices to ensure that I could attend Shiloh. Because I benefited so much from my years at Shiloh, my wife and I wanted to provide the same education to our children. We are pleased that Shiloh has not departed from its focus on "Academic Excellence on a Christian Foundation," and last spring, we were proud to attend our son's graduation--30 years after my own graduation from Shiloh (Class of '89). We are extremely grateful to those who have pursued the elements that improve Shiloh's ability to provide academic excellence and look forward to coming decades of ensuring Shiloh continues to provide Academic Excellence on a Christian foundation.” Nathan Huntington


Preparing all students Preschool-12th grade to Know, Love and Serve God

Fine Arts

Shiloh students have access to a wide variety of fine arts activities


Shiloh students have access to a wide variety of athletic activities


To ensure financial security and sustainability for future generations


Here's what Shiloh families are saying:

The Shiloh family is a great community.  We love that our kids compete in academic and athletic events while being immersed in a Christian environment and being mentored by caring teachers and coaches.

We love witnessing prayer between students on a regular basis.


It's great to hear the whole crowd cheering for your kid on the field; the feeling of belonging and the support for our kids is present at Shiloh.  They have all they need to succeed in life.

On the way to school this morning, my daughter asked “Dad, can I go back to Shiloh next year?”

We struggled as many parents do, through prayer we believe God brought us to Shiloh. 

The teachers are wonderful, we see the excellence in academics and appreciate the warm and friendly atmosphere from the Shiloh family and staff.