Academic Excellence

on a Christian Foundation

Christian Education in Bismarck, ND

Shiloh Elementary School

A child's early years are crucial to his or her development. Shiloh's small class sizes allow us to get to know and work individually with each student. We are able to help them discover their capabilities and reach their personal best.

Our strong academic program, accredited through Cognia, challenges students to be curious, creative, and motivated to achieve. We strive to give students a love for learning, a passion for their faith, and the skills they need to reach their full potential so they can follow the life God has planned for them.

Elementary programs unique to Shiloh include: daily devotions, a weekly chapel, high school prayer buddies, scripture memorization,
accelerated reading program, penmanship, 5th grade worship team.

We are able to provide both student intervention and enrichment services through Shiloh Academy; and programs like Lego League and Chess Club give more learning opportunities for all students.

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Shiloh Middle School

As talents emerge and academics advance, Shiloh continues to nurture the whole student through the uniquely complex phase of middle school. Students are given a solid academic core curriculum and with expanded opportunities to participate in choir, band and drama. The middle school core curriculum prepares students for involvement in STEM, Robotics, and Cyber Security. Leadership opportunities are also encouraged through student council, worship team, clubs, and activities.

Middle school students are challenged and mentored to reach their full potential academically while continuing to grow in their commitment to their faith. Through Chapels, Bible courses, and the spiritual leadership of our entire faculty and staff; our students’ days stay focused on becoming the best they can be to fulfill God’s purpose for their life.

Shiloh High School

In high school, Shiloh focuses on giving students the opportunity to sharpen their intellect, pursue their passions, and develop an ever-maturing personal relationship with Christ.

As we prepare these young adults for their next chapter; the faculty and staff at Shiloh help each student explore the possibilities and give them the tools they need to reach their goals.

A rigorous curriculum, co-curricular activities, and leadership opportunities help them develop their gifts, create opportunities for new friendships, and provide character building experiences.

Personalized Education Pathways are a unique feature to Shiloh's high school. With flexible scheduling and on campus dual-credit classes, Shiloh students are able to customize a path to trade certificates, internships, and college credit while in high school.

Students can participate in athletics, fine arts, student council, National Honor Society, Key Club, yearbook staff, speech and drama. Shiloh graduates are equipped for the future and ready to lead, with strong values and a firm foundation in the Word.

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