Path to Excellence Capital Campaign & Expansion Project

Help us meet our $360,000 Match. Give now and Give later through January 31, 2024.

Support for the capital campaign project is investing and strengthening Shiloh’s mission of Academic Excellence on a Christian Foundation. Shiloh has reached critical capacity and without expansion in three key areas, future programs, student success, and enrollment is at risk.

An overall stronger school system starts with a vibrant elementary program. Shiloh has seen tremendous growth in elementary school. While it excites us for the future strength of school; we know if we don’t address capacity issues, we will not be able to maintain the growth in enrollment we’ve seen over the past several years.

More students seeking a complete education experience also means we need to be able to offer programs that support academic, fine arts, and athletic aspirations. Having dedicated facilities for these areas is essential.

The Path to Excellence project meets this need with:

  1. an elementary expansion
  2. a new state-of-the art performing arts center
  3. additional gymnasium and new fitness center

One cannot happen without the other and the time to act is now.  We are asking donors to consider a gift of $50,000 over five years ($10,000 a year).

SCS Performing Arts Center View
SCS_Performing Arts Center NE
Shiloh Christian School Classroom Expansion rendering
Shiloh-christian-school-full-expansion rendering
Shiloh Christian School Stage Rendering
Shiloh Christian School PAC Lobby
Shiloh Christian School PAC lobby 2
Shiloh Christian School Interstate View Rendering
SCS Outdoor View of Fitness Center
SCS Gym Inside View
SCS Gym Outside View
scs Fitness Center
SCS Fitness room rendering
SCS Gym Hallway 1
SCS Gym Hallway
Shiloh Christian School Interstate View Rendering

Elementary Expansion

The addition of the performing arts center allows for 15 new classrooms that will be used for elementary classes and fine arts programs. Initial planning allows for preschool and early elementary classes to remain in the current elementary wing and upper elementary grades to move into the classroom expansion.

Without this additional classroom space, we will either be forced to continue using portables and placing elementary classrooms in the middle school or we will have to reduce our elementary capacity and thus risk Shiloh’s future growth opportunities.

Legacy gifts are gifts greater than $50,000 and include exclusive, individual recognition.

  • East Classroom Wing | $750,000
  • West Classroom Wing | $750,000
  • Individual Classroom | $150,000

*gifts for the classroom expansion include naming opportunity.

Phyllis A. Peterson Performing Arts Center

A new facility for performing arts will elevate the student experience for grades PreK-12. Play productions, band and choral performances, and the school’s chapels will now have their own dedicated space. This space will also be available for community events and other organizations.

Expansion of elementary classroom sections means an increased need for fine arts opportunities. While many districts limit or cut fine arts, Shiloh Christian School is committed to providing these opportunities for all of our students.

Legacy gifts are gifts greater than $50,000 and include exclusive, individual recognition.

  • Performing Arts Stage | $1,000,000*
  • Producer's Circle | $500,000 (we need 3 at this level)
  • Composer's Circle | $250,000 (we need 4 at this level)
  • Director's Circle | $100,000 (we need 5 at this level)
  • Stage Manager's Circle | $50,000

* includes naming opportunity for stage


Additional Gymnasium & Fitness Center

Gym and athletic programming space continues to be an issue at Shiloh. However, we are not able to expand these areas without being able to remove the portables along the south side of the building. We cannot remove the portables without doing the elementary expansion project.

Currently our students and athletes must leave campus to participate in strength and conditioning training at an off site facility.  A student fitness center would allow students to remain on campus and it would open up health & wellness programming for non-athletes.

Legacy gifts are gifts greater than $50,000 and include exclusive, individual recognition.

  • Gymnasium | $2,000,000
  • Fitness Center | $1,000,000
  • Locker Room 1 | $250,000
  • Locker Room 2 | $250,000

* all legacy gifts for the gymnasium and fitness center include naming opportunity

Pledge and Donation Information

Legacy Giving

Legacy gifts are lead donations that ensure the project will happen. How quickly we are able to secure donations and the size of the donations will directly impact the project's timeline. Legacy gifts receive exclusive, individual recognition.

The complete project is $15 million.

Legacy Giving Levels
New Gymnasium $2,000,000
Performing Arts Stage $1,000,000
Fitness Center $1,000,000
East Classroom Wing $750,000
West Classroom Wing $750,000
Performing Arts Producer’s Circle $500,000
Performing Arts Composer’s Circle $250,000
Gymnasium Locker Room $250,000 each
Performing Arts Director’s Circle $100,000
Performing Arts Stage Manager’s Circle $50,000


Community Gifts

The Community Campaign is made of varying levels of giving - all donations matter.

Donor Wall Recognition
Cast & Supporting Crew  $5,000 – $49,999

Performing Arts Center
Seat Campaign             $1,000/ seat



Shiloh Christian School Interstate View Rendering