We met our May 20th goal!

Shiloh’s Board of Directors voted to move to the next step in the classroom expansion project. The Board felt confident that, because of the generous support of our donors, we’ve reached a financial threshold to support the continuation of construction.   Construction will resume in June 2024.

Please note, we will need another $1.5M to close out the project. To help keep Shiloh’s operating budget strong, our goal is that this project is fully funded by the fall of 2025 to avoid carrying long-term loan debt.

Support for the capital campaign project is investing and strengthening Shiloh’s mission of Academic Excellence on a Christian Foundation. Shiloh has reached critical capacity and without expansion in three key areas, future programs, student success, and enrollment is at risk.

An overall stronger school system starts with a vibrant elementary program. Shiloh has seen tremendous growth in elementary school. While it excites us for the future strength of school; we know if we don’t address capacity issues, we will not be able to maintain the growth in enrollment we’ve seen over the past several years.

More students seeking a complete education experience also means we need to be able to offer programs that support academic, fine arts, and athletic aspirations. Having dedicated facilities for these areas is essential.


Elementary Expansion

An updated design plan for eight additional classrooms will cost $5-6M. The time is now. 

As of now, $2.7M in cash and pledges has been secured for the classroom expansion.

Shiloh's Board of Directors has asked that $1.5M in cash and pledges is secured by May 20 to resume construction.

The targeted completion for these eight classrooms is January of 2025. VIEW PLANS HERE

Legacy gifts are gifts greater than $50,000 and include exclusive, individual recognition. 


Phyllis A Peterson Classroom Wing 

Naming opportunities include:

  • Individual Classroom | $150,000

Pledge and Donation Information

Legacy Giving

Legacy gifts are lead donations that ensure the project will happen. How quickly we are able to secure donations and the size of the donations will directly impact the project's timeline. Legacy gifts receive exclusive, individual recognition.

The complete project is $5 million.

Legacy Giving Levels

Classroom Wing: $500,000

Classroom: $150,000

Leadership Gift: $50,000