Shiloh Academy

Academic Enrichment Program

Shiloh Academy Overview

Shiloh Academy seeks to identify and provide programming to meet the
unique needs of students who differ in their outstanding and potential
abilities. Our goal is to provide rigor and enrich the learning environment
through projects and activities during pull-out times each week. Shiloh
Academy focuses its instruction in two academic areas: reading and


Program Qualifications

Shiloh Academy is an enrichment program created to help Shiloh further it's mission of academic excellence. It is not a gifted and talented program, but rather a program designed to enrich what is being taught in the classroom.

Enrichment programs help keep the students quick to grasp classroom concepts engaged in their learning.

Qualification for Shiloh Academy are based on:

  • averaged STAR test results
  • teacher input
  • student's end of year GPA


Mrs. Marnie Speidel

For more information on Shiloh Academy, enrichment opportunities, or intervention services; contact Marnie Speidel at

Marnie Speidel