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Friends of Shiloh Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to supporting Shiloh Christian School. For over forty years supporters have shown a sincere commitment and investment in the quality of education that Shiloh Christian School provides to our community. This commitment continues through the Friends of Shiloh Foundation.

The Foundation is a partner with Shiloh Christian School and is governed by an independent Board of Directors. Through the Foundation, our community, alumni and businesses are working to strengthen Christian education and ensure that a quality Christian education is available for generations to come. 


 “I truly appreciated my Christian education at Shiloh - and I appreciate my parents' sacrifices to ensure that I could attend Shiloh. Because I benefited so much from my years at Shiloh, my wife and I wanted to provide the same education to our children.

We are pleased that Shiloh has not departed from its focus of "academic excellence on a Christian foundation." In May of 2019, we were proud to attend our son's graduation- 30 years after my own graduation from Shiloh.

We are extremely grateful to those who have pursued the elements that improve Shiloh's ability to provide academic excellence and look forward to coming decades of ensuring Shiloh continues to provide Academic Excellence on a Christian foundation.”

Nathan Huntington, Shiloh class of '89

To learn more about the Friends of Shiloh Foundation or make a contribution please contact Executive Director, Angela Benson at or 701-221-2104 ext 103

Checks can also may be mailed to the school payable to

Friends of Shiloh Foundation c/o Shiloh Christian School
Attn Angela Benson,
1915 Shiloh Drive
Bismarck, ND  58503.

The Foundation has multiple funds available for designated giving, please see the descriptions below.  North Dakota provides significant tax credits and benefits for individuals and businesses for giving to Friends of Shiloh Foundation.  Please consult your tax advisor to determine how this can benefit your giving.

The chart above is current as of May 2024.  The yearly disbursement is based on 4% distribution. 

“The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, but rather a legacy of character and faith. “  Billy Graham

General Fund

The general fund of the foundation helps to provide support for Shiloh Christian School in the area of operating expenses.  This includes student programing, personnel, and facility maintenance.

Kavlie Family Endowment Fund

The Kavlie Family Endowment is established to advance the mission of Shiloh Christian School.  
The objective is to contribute to the general operating expenses of the school in support of Academic Excellence on a Christian Foundation-Teaching Students to Know, Love and Serve God.

Kathy Tuhy Hummel Faculty Endowment Fund

The Kathy Tuhy Hummel Faculty Endowment fund provided support for our faculty to provide competitive salaries and benefits for our teachers.  Currently our faculty and staff are provided with salary and benefits that include health insurance, tuition discounts, and retirement benefits.  These are an important part of recruiting and retaining faculty to Shiloh Christian School.

Dan & Martha Birst Music Endowment

In Memory of Dan & Martha Birst for their Christian faith and their love of hymns.  The fund provides for band and choral needs including (but not limited too) uniforms, robes, instruments, music stands, pianos, sheet music, student scholarships for camps and faculty scholarships for continuing education.

Madeline K Birst Endowment

In Memory of Madeline Birst for her love of teaching and helping those with a desire to have a Christian education that might not be able to afford one.  This scholarship fund if designated for Native American and other minority students to have access to a Christian education at Shiloh Christian School.

Fredrickson Music Endowment

This fund will provide for the enhancement of the Shiloh Christian School Music Department and the Fine Arts Department.  Recognizing that opportunities in music and fine arts are an important part of development in students at Shiloh Christian School.  This ensures that students will continue to have these opportunities as part of a Christian education.

Carle Erickson Education Endowment

In Memory of Carle Erickson to support students with special learning needs including (but not limited to) staffing, curriculum, equipment and training for the Shiloh Christian School Learning Center.

Wally and Rainy Erickson Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship fund will be for students with a strong Christian faith and character that have a desire for a Christian education that would not otherwise be possible without financial assistance.

Katie Schindler-Prins & Hunter Seifert Memorial Endowment

This fund is in memory to two former Skyhawks that not only loved their school, but more importantly lived their faith out loud to everyone around them.  Please see a brief description of the impact they have left on so many.

Katie loved Shiloh Christian School with all her heart!  Katie’s was loyal, loving, dedicated , fun loving, joyful, and a competitor.  Katie had the uncanny ability to be a fierce competitor and a loving young woman!    Katie was a leader in the classroom and on the basketball court.  She had  written multiple prayer journals praising and thanking our Lord .  They showed great passion as she lived for Christ! After graduating from Shiloh, she completed her doctorate in Physical Therapy; she was married and worked in Texas before being called home to be with our Lord and Savior.

Hunter Daniel Seifert started attending Shiloh as a first grader in 2009. He absolutely loved being a Skyhawk! When Hunter got sick in the beginning of his freshmen year, he knew he had a job to do. He wanted as many people to know about Jesus as possible. He wrote, “When you are thrust into a situation that is like mine, or similar to mine, you learn a lot of things. You will definitely learn who you are as a person. You will have your life choices, good and bad, flash before you and you will either be sickened by them, or you will be satisfied with what you see. The most important thing that I learned is that I need to trust God no matter what happens. If anybody hears about what happened to me, I want them to know that they need to have a strong relationship in Christ because they never know when they’ll meet Him. Don’t get into a life threatening situation like I did in order to truly start living out your faith.”

This fund will provide for students and families at Shiloh Christian School that are facing medical challenges to ensure that they can remain at Shiloh as the Lord allows.