Shiloh PTO is dedicated to helping make this school year better for your kids and our teaching staff. 

Welcome back for School Year 2019-20!

We will be decorating the doors on some of the rooms this coming weekend Aug 17-18;  Check out the Shiloh Christian PTO facebook page to see exact details.
This year we will have a table at the Back to School Night.  Please stop by and give us your contact information, we promise not to sent too much.  If you are interested in joining our group, let us know.  We would love to have a few new people join in every year to bring new ideas.

The playground has some new items thanks to the money you raised for playground equipment a couple years ago.
Your Teacher Favorites Survey is linked below for your review. 
The PTO provides your child's teacher with an opportunity to list their favorite things.  Take some time to reach out and encourage our faculty and staff!

2019 - 2020 Favorites Survey SUMMARY


Elementary Teachers will receive their Back to School gift plus $100 to spend in their classrooms this weekend.


Please join the Shiloh Christian PTO facebook page and read the updates in the weekly notes from Mrs. Mitzel.  We do not hold monthly meetings so these are our only ways of communicating with you.


Our Worlds Finest Chocolate fundraiser will kick off Monday, August 26.  We could use your help collecting money and handing out more cases.  You can sign up here.  August 26- Sept 9

Mark your calendars!!  Starlight Ball (Father Daughter Dance) is scheduled for January 31!


We provide a hot meal for our teaching staff on Parent Teacher Conference nights.  You can help us fill in the meal by signing up here:  Nov 12 & 14 and here:   March 24 & 26

National Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week is scheduled for May 4-8. 

2018-2020 Shiloh PTO Leadership


Shana Gerving
Shana, and her husband Allan, have 4 children at Shiloh. Ashley is a senior, Ethan is a freshman, Ryan is a 6th grader and Owen is in 2nd grade. Allan is a Glen Ullin native and Shana hails from Hebron. Our main reason for choosing Shiloh is the Christ centered education and environment. We also enjoy having the kids at a Class B school in a Class A town allowing us to connect with families on a more personal level. Allan works in IT at Basin Electric and Shana works HR for McDonald’s. Shana invites you to email her your ideas and thoughts at


Melissa Lundin
Melissa and her husband Steve have a daughter Mesa at Shiloh and an older daughter Ieree they live in Bismarck.  She coordinates the Levels of Service Program at Shiloh.


Becky Haider
Becky and her husband, Greg, have two children, one currently attending Shiloh. Jordan will be in first grade in the fall and his sister, Taylor (3), will join him when she is old enough. Both Becky and Greg are from Mandan. They were out of the state for over 10 years but have recently moved back to the area to raise their kids. Their main reason for choosing Shiloh is the Christ-centered education and environment. They also enjoy the family atmosphere of the school. Becky works at Knife River in business development and Greg is a Mechanical Engineer working at Bobcat. Becky invites you to email her your ideas and thoughts at


Carmen Bryhn
Carmen and her husband Jason have 4 children. Cambrielle is in 1st grade and Maddux is in 3rd grade at Shiloh and twins Chase & Dominic attend NDSU. Carmen is from Bismarck and Jason is originally from Glendive MT. We choose Shiloh because of the Christian centered environment and the stronger connection we have with families here. Carmen is self employed and works as the Executive Director for the North Dakota Nurses Association as well as a substitute teacher. Jason works in ITD for the state of North Dakota.