Shiloh Learning Center

The goal of Shiloh's Learning Center is to help students with learning or thinking differences understand that people are all naturally diverse learners. We work together to build confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and resilience to help each student see they are child of God who made them exactly who He wants them to be!  

The Learning Center provides support to students with gaps in their learning that impact their education due to various reasons including anxiety, depression, ADHD, speech impairment, and learning disabilities. We want to:

  • Help each student understand their learning style, including where they may have weaknesses
  • Provide them support to fill in the gaps
  • Provide them with strategies to help them overcome their learning challenges
  • Identify their giftedness and how to strive to use that in the future

The Shiloh Learning Center is available as a resource for students in grades K-12. The SLC oversees educational services including Shiloh Building Plans, 504 Plans, and coordinates with Bismarck Public Schools to service students on Individualized Service Plans. If parents desire to utilize these services, they should please contact:

Kim Melin (grades K-8);

Allison Hein (grades 9-12);


"Our child has been at Shiloh since Kindergarten and is now in 3rd grade. The Shiloh Learning Center has been more then a blessing when it comes to the development of our child. Having a dedicated team behind you and your child when you are facing some uphill challenges with learning disabilities just takes so much burden off us as parents. Knowing that there is someone looking out for your child above and beyond his normal teacher and making sure he is getting the attention and support he needs to succeed just makes a world of difference. The Learning Center teachers are some of the most patient and truly caring people - our child is truly cherished and loved and you can tell from how they interact with your child to how in each and every meeting we have attended it's 100% focused on moving your child forward and in the best interest of that child. You know when people are genuinely invested in your family and there has never been a doubt in my mind that the Learning Center staff and just the staff in general at Shiloh are here to help my child each step of the way."

- Shiloh Dad

"The Shiloh Learning Center had a tremendous impact on our family.  It is not an exaggeration to say the services they provide are life-changing! Our son is a non-traditional learner who required much extra support. The SLC instructors worked closely with the classroom teachers to ensure he had all the appropriate accommodations and support in the classroom he needed for success.

Additionally, they worked to make assignment expectations and deadlines clear to our son and us. This alleviated much stress at home. When the classroom setting was not ideal, the Learning Center provided a physical space where he could go do work without distractions, while receiving one-on-one instruction and assistance.   

The SLC staff saw him as a 'fearfully and wonderfully made' by his Creator, given unique gifts and strengths. With this perspective, they fostered a sense of belonging, purpose and confidence in our son."

  • - Shiloh Mom

Skyhawk Center

Skyhawk Center is for grades 6 -12 and is a program overseen by our SLC. It is a tutoring center that provides academic support to students in the form of accountability and homework assistance. Skyhawk Center available daily to any student for the following purposes:

  • Students who have low grades (D’s or F’s)
  • Students that do not have any kind of diagnosis and are not on a plan
  • Students with missing work
  • Students who are transitioning to Shiloh
  • Students who will be gone and would like to take a test or quiz before their absence


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Skyhawk FLEX

Skyhawk FLEX is a 30-minute block of time set aside daily Monday - Thursday for students grades 6th-12th.

The SLC provides one-on-one academic support for students that need it.

Teachers are also available in their classrooms during this time and can request students to see them during FLEX.