Individual Education Pathways

Small class sizes, flexible scheduling, and on-site dual credit classes allows Shiloh to offer a program we call 'Individual Education Pathway' for our high school students.

Individual Education Pathways provide opportunities for students to participate in valuable internship programs, complete college course work, and/or obtain trade certifications while in high school.

The goal is that Shiloh is helping students both identify and begin the next steps in their journey - whether that is going on to either a two or four year post-secondary education institution or straight into a career.

Beginning in middle school and in collaboration with teachers, our MS/HS principal, and our counselor; we work to identify student interests. Allowing students to explore these interests early can help them better define their next steps post-high school. While some students know the direction they want to go right away; others need these early experiences to learn what may be available or what they do or don't enjoy.

For more information on Individual Education Pathways, please connect with Tamara Wagner, our MS/HS Principal.

Tamara Wagner

Tamara Wagner

Shiloh Christian School
Middle & High School Principal

Tanner Schlag

Individual Education Pathways in Action

"In the summer of 2021, before Tanner's sophomore year, Tanner and his family identified an interest and aptitude for geography which led his family to explore Geographic Information Systems courses at BSC. They met with Shiloh's principal to map out how Tanner could further pursue courses at BSC while at Shiloh.
Tanner enrolled in a program through BSC; and by offering dual-credit courses at Shiloh and providing flexibility in his schedule, Tanner is on track that when he graduates high school he will have a GSI program certificate and completed general course work towards his degree.
"For Tanner, having an accelerated option has allowed him to stay challenged and engaged in school. It's allowed him to explore some interests that I feel, are helping him prepare for his future as well as give him confidence to try new things. Having a dual credit option for earning college credits is a real plus for him, as it gives him a feel for college level classes and helps him feel prepared for what's coming next. Having access to college courses through BSC for his electives creates so many opportunities that fit Tanner and his learning style. I am very grateful for these options and it's been really fun to explore them together."
- Alison, Tanner's mom.