International Student Program 


Admission is limited to high school aged students that are 15-18 years old (F-1 and J-1 students). Students are expected to be fluent in the English language to be considered for admission. This will be determined by evidence of a TOEFL score of ≥80 and a SKYPE interview.

Shiloh Christian School is an independent Christian school. Students must expect to be exposed to a Christian worldview at school and within their housing arrangements. Housing will be provided by Host Families that have been chosen by SCS.

Shiloh Christian School is a private college preparatory school and does not operate like a public school in the United States. All of our families have to pay for the services provided by the school above and beyond the taxes they pay in the community. Therefore, in an attempt to provide all services offered by the school, we bundle/package all services into one cost in order to relieve international students and their parents from the burden of having to pay individually for services.

Total Cost for Attendance: Annual Program; $17,500.00 USA Currency

The single fee charged for an academic school year will cover all of the following expenses: tuition, registration fees, textbook fees, field trip/retreat fees, hot lunch fees, milk fees, athletic fees, administrative fees, student health insurance, and housing expenses (this includes meals at home).

The total cost for attendance listed above must be paid in two equal payments of $8,750.00: (1) First payment is due prior to the issuance of the I-20, and (2) Second payment is due after student has obtained a Visa to travel to the USA. Payments will be made through an electronic transfer of funds to the school banking institution. These fees are non-negotiable regardless of services utilized. These fees (less administrative fee of $1,000.00) are refundable if student is unable to obtain a Visa to travel to the USA.  These fees are not refundable after student begins attendance at Shiloh Christian School.

International student parents are expected to pay all travel costs associated with arrival/departure to/from the USA, all costs associated with obtaining a student visa in your home country from the US embassy and provide a sufficient amount of monthly financial support for international student for miscellaneous leisure spending during their stay here (i.e., shopping, personal items, etc.). International students should arrive in the USA at least one week prior to the start of the school year and leave the USA no more than one week after the last day of school.

International Student will provide the following to be considered for admission:

  1. New Enrollment Application for International Student Admission (NEAISA)
  2. Certificate of Health for International Student (CHIS)
  3. High School Academic Record-please note: Students cannot have failed a class and must be successfully completing all of their current classes to be considered for admission to Shiloh Christian School
  4. Proof of TOEFL Score ≥80
  5. Skype Interview

For more information please contact Todd Benson at